burning-in of new audio equipment

I really love listening to music and can’t imagine life without it! I listen to all kinds of music for example jazz, classic rock, blues, reggae, country … However it is essential that you have high quality audio equipment if you really want to enjoy the music. Everybody knows that the music sounds better if the bit rate is higher and also OGG sounds better than MP3 at the same bit rate (nothing compared to FLAC or WAVE). However, my favorite medium for music is the good old record (vinyl).

I got some new headphones from beyerdynamic which sound really awesome! Then I stumbled upon on a site with an article about a process called burn-in of audio equipment. This is a process where you stress for example new headphones for at least 40 hours with different music or frequencies, white noise etc. After 40 hours of burning-in with the whole frequency range, your headphones reaches its optimum in performance and sounds even better because the “diaphragm has been loosened” and the “headphone driver has been stressed”. You can read the full article here.