burning-in of new audio equipment

I really love listening to music and can’t imagine life without it! I listen to all kinds of music for example jazz, classic rock, blues, reggae, country … However it is essential that you have high quality audio equipment if you really want to enjoy the music. Everybody knows that the music sounds better if the bit rate is higher and also OGG sounds better than MP3 at the same bit rate (nothing compared to FLAC or WAVE). However, my favorite medium for music is the good old record (vinyl).

I got some new headphones from beyerdynamic which sound really awesome! Then I stumbled upon on a site with an article about a process called burn-in of audio equipment. This is a process where you stress for example new headphones for at least 40 hours with different music or frequencies, white noise etc. After 40 hours of burning-in with the whole frequency range, your headphones reaches its optimum in performance and sounds even better because the “diaphragm has been loosened” and the “headphone driver has been stressed”. You can read the full article here.


Working with GNU/Linux

I have made experiences while working with Windows and GNU/Linux. I can say that its a pleasure using GNU/Linux for writing papers for the university, programming, reading and writing emails, programming, searching the web … and lots more. Now I want to explain why I think GNU/Linux its more comfortable for doing any kind of work. First of all you don’t have the usual problems like the fragmentation of your HDD, viruses & spyware and network security problems, bluescreens, rebooting after every important update.

On GNU/Linux exist different problems but those are not essential for your working experience, imho. You may encounter incompatibility issues with the newest hardware because of the lack of drivers (that’s the fault of the hardware manufactures).

However, essential for working is that you have a fast and stable OS which is secure on the network and doesn’t reboot by itself. GNU/Linux stays fast even after several years of service because no real fragmentation of the HDD and you don’t have to reboot after an update. Something which was really annoying is that every out-of-date program on Windows is telling you to download and install the latest version of the software. On GNU/Linux you go to your “update-manager” and install every available update at once — no annoying pop-ups anymore!

GNU/Linux handles software updates and installations through the “package manager”. This is really comfortable for fast and easy updating and installing software. You even can upgrade your GNU/Linux to the latest release through that.

One important thing is also that if you install a new GNU/Linux (from a dvd) there are a lot of programs already installed. You don’t have to install any driver (only maybe a proprietary graphic card driver). Your system is ready for work after a fresh install.

Some of the programs I am using right now:

My current operating system is openSUSE 12.1 KDE.

Still you may have made/will make different experiences working with GNU/Linux. I just want to let you know what I have experienced :) … I still love it!

All these facts about GNU/Linux should tell you, that this operating system gives you more time to take care of important stuff like things you have to do for work. You need less time to take care of your OS, because it does that by itself!