Avoiding location specific commercials when listening to internet radio

I like listening to internet radio because the genre specific mix and the few commercials. Throughout the US you’ll find a great variety of stations and some are even listed in the “Icecast Radio Directory”, which can easily be accessed through the VLC media player.

However, if you’re tuning into eg. US internet radio station from outside the country, like me, you may encounter a nasty little flaw. When I am tuning in from Germany into US stations, the commercials are no longer in English. They are German commercials, mixed into the US radio stream. This is really annoying. For me there are two reasons for listening to radio stations from other countries: 1. a better genre specific mix and 2. avoiding German commercials. I thought that point two was no longer satisfiable. I thought, what if, I had an IP address from a proxy server outside of Germany and can I reach that proxy with VLC? Yes, that’s possible and it’s pretty easy also. Here is how you can do it:

Open the VLC preferences with STRG + P and go to “Input / Codecs”. At the bottom of that tab enter a proxy IP into “HTTP Proxy URL”. If the port is different from 80 you can append it after the IP like this “IP:PORT”


If the proxy uses HTTP select the default at “Live555 stream transport” or if its connection is encrypted via HTTPS select “RTP over RTSP”. And here is a list of free proxy servers from around the world.

Have fun!


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