Firefox and the Tale of a Dark KDE Color Scheme

I was tired of the default Oxygen Color Scheme, it’s too bright when working at night :) So I went to the system settings of KDE and switched to ‘Obsidian Coast’, which is a dark Color Scheme that looks really nice. However this change has an impact on non-KDE applications like Firefox and Gimp as well.

Firefox’s location bar looks something like this when using a dark KDE Color Scheme:


I want to show you what to do for the location bar to look like this again:


There are several option to change Firefox’s appearance:

  • Create a file in ~/.mozilla/firefox/XXXXXX.default/chrome/userContent.css and define the default colors there.
  • Remove files with the name ~/.gtkrc* every time you log into KDE.

The best option is in my opinion:

  • Go to System Settings > Application Appearance > Gtk Configuration.
  • Under GTK Themes select for example Clearlooks as GTK2 Theme. Do not use oxygen-gtk, which causes the problem with the location bar.

In openSUSE you’ll find these GTK Themes with:

$ zypper search gtk2-themes

You don’t want to install: gtk2-theme-oxygen